PPC Resolutions for 2012


Happy New Years and all the best in 2012! The New Year is a great time to get a new start on things and refresh and re-focus. This also applies to your PPC campaigns. Take some time in the new year to refresh and re-focus your PPC campaigns and make the most of 2012.

Try new things

In 2012 be prepared to try new things! Especially if what you were doing in 2011 wasn't working. Be prepared to admit the mistakes you made with your PPC campaign and learn from them.

Are you sending traffic to your home page? Stop, immediately! You need to create landing pages that actually have potential to convert users into sales or leads. Create a couple variations and rotate them to find the best performing page.

The start of the new year is also a good time to refresh your creatives. Review your existing ad text and banner creatives, look for what's working and expand on it. Make some creatives based on what works, but also make some completely new creatives to test.

Clean up

Do a bit of clean up. Check your device targeting and make sure that your campaigns are targeted only at the devices that your site is optimized for. You should already be separating your mobile traffic from your laptop/computer traffic anyway, but if not, make the separation now. Review your country targeting to be sure you are only targeting the countries that convert best. Take some time to also review the time of day and week that your campaign performs best, then set your day parting and maximize your ad spend during the best performing times.

Make 2012 the year you stop wasting your advertising budget on useless traffic!

Get rid of bad habits

Use the search terms report and find out what phrases are triggering your ad. Look for keywords that are irrelevant to your campaign and add them to your negative keyword list. Complete a full audit of your negative keywords and be sure that the negative keywords your chose in the past are still relevant, you might be missing out on some good traffic.

Another great way to get rid of bad habits is to complete a full keyword review and delete any under-performing keywords and traffic sources. A few key changes could make all the difference in your campaign and drastically improve your cost per lead/sale. Be ruthless with your keywords that aren't performing, finally delete those keywords you've been on the fence about.

Read more

There are a ton of great free resources on the web. Sign up to a few newsletters and read news and blog posts on a regular basis.

Here are a few links worth checking out:

Make a commitment to reading more in 2012 and learn more about PPC and how to succeed!

Start exercising

If you are not already committed to a daily exercise plan of Remarketing to the users that land on your site, you need to start, immediately. Remarketing campaigns are proving to be highly effective. Conversion rates are higher and cost per acquisitions are typically much lower. This shouldn't be surprising, since you are targeting a focused group of users that were at some time already interested in your site. So, if you're not already running a Remarketing campaign, make 2012 the year you start!

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